Friday, February 26, 2016

Dogs are better than cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want to know the best pet ever. I have two dogs I think they are the best pets ever.That is why I think that dogs are the best pet ever.
For example dogs and cats do funny things but dogs do really funny things  even funnier than cats do.
One other example is dogs love good long walks and cats hate good long walks they even hate outside.
Finally dogs have great sense of smell a dog's nose can smell danger if you do not know their is danger and you have a dog your dog can smell the danger and warn you and you can go somewhere safe.
That is why I think that dog’s are better.   


  1. Dear Riley,
    I like how you added a lot of details.
    I also agree with you because dogs are really funny, and that dogs can actually smell danger and cats cant.

  2. Riley,
    I like how you stated your opinion. I also like how at the end, you told readers that you think dogs are better than cats. I have seven pet fish and they are all babies. This article makes me wonder if having two dogs is hard to take care of. I also wonder what your dog's name is and if you ever had cats. Good job on using many examples!